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Written by Frugal Libertarian on November 26, 2008 in: In the News |

Just in case anyone is still under the impression that traffic cops are on the roads to promote safety, here is some more evidence that most tickets are just to generate revenue.  I guess New York City is not even trying to pretend tickets are for safety.

This is almost as bad as red light cameras.  Municipalities like to cite safety cocerns to justify cameras even though study after study has shown that longer yellow lights reduce red light violations and accidents.  I would guess that most people do not run red lights on purpose.  They just get caught in no-man’s land where stopping is not safe but either is going through.

My hometown put up cameras at the intersection up the street from my house.  I have never seen an accident at this intersection, but I have seen a couple close calls for pedestrians.   If you are a pedestrian you have to risk your life to cross because there is no crosswalk signals and the lights are set up so that there is always traffic going. (I have been darting across this intersection for years while out for a run.  I never realized how dangerous it was until I tried crossing with my baby girl in her stroller)  So, if they were really worried about safety maybe they would spend the money on some crosswalks instead of cameras.  But wait, crosswalks do not generate revenue.

At least New York City is being honest about their intentions.  I guess I can respect that.

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