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Which Full-Body program to promote mass-growth?

It is quite possible to gain muscle mass quickly by following a Full-Body program . With this method, upper body or lower Balanced Max Keto body, all muscles are asked to work. In addition, the benefits are many, if we talk about reducing the risk of injury due to overtraining.

Are you a bodybuilder looking for an effective full body program? Confirmed or beginner, this is for you!

A complete Full Body program to gain muscle mass in record time

Among the many full body programs, here is a typical training that you can adopt . For the first session, you will perform 5 sets of 8 repetitions for each of the following exercises: thigh press, inclined with dumbbells , push-ups, seated dumbbells, barbell and curl at the desk.

For the second session, you will bet on endurance. The goal is to do an intense workout to improve your endurance and gain muscle at the same time. This time, you’ll have to do 20 push- ups, 30 wall-balls, 50 dips, 20 burpees, 100 jump ropes , and 20 leeches . Rest between each series is up to you.

Regarding the third session, the idea is to build on strength. To do this, you will first take lighter weight during the Balanced Max Keto REVIEWS first week. You can then increase the charges, according to your abilities. So we have 5 sets of squat , deadlift , bench press and rowing. Note that all these exercises work in one day your legs, your pecs, your back, your shoulders, your triceps and your biceps.

The ideal training frequency an optimal result

For an effective result, the ideal is to do 3 sessions of one hour and thirty per week. It is not necessary to train every day. Remember, your muscles need rest to gain volume.

For this type of method, poly articular exercises will be on the program. In other words, you will have to work several muscle groups at the same time. That is why the sessions mentioned above are three in number.

Any special advice to follow?

Whatever physical activity you do , be it boxing, bodybuilding or just cardio , nutrition is the fundamental basis of the sport. Thus, to gain muscle with this program Full Body, you must at all costs pay attention to your diet.

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