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What to do against body aches in the calves?

Joggers or skipping riders , hikers and marathoners, to name a few, are familiar with the problem of stiffness in the calves.

These pains can even impact walking for several days after a significant effort. These muscle contractures, sometimes very painful, are nevertheless frequent and mostly benign. In addition, there are several solutions to relieve you.

What to do after the race, when you feel the pain?

After a race, after a long outing, after a hike , after Sunday morning jogging, there are plenty of opportunities to see those old friends / foes who are aches and pains reappear.

First, we must understand the causes. Aches and pains are a reflection of a lack of training or bad habits such as stalemate on stretching or heating for example. These are often perceived steps as chores but essential and integral parts of any sports training, even amateur.

If you have integrated this concept, you can significantly reduce the frequency of your aches! Take care to prepare your body before exercise and slowly bring it back to calm.

The pains are already there, what to do?

How to relieve cramps and calf aches ? Most of the time, it is enough to apply a gel pocket (hot or cold depending on the pain and its intensity) or a soothing cream that is deposited by performing regular massages on the painful area . If the cramps and effects are really intense, it may not be aches. When in doubt, ask for medical advice!

How long do body aches last?

This type of pain usually disappears fairly quickly. A delay of 48 to 72 hours is an honorable average. However, if you have just run a marathon, your aches may last a week or more, fading a little more each day.

Optimize your recovery phase

If you have regular body aches, it may be that you ask too much of your body, perhaps it would be wise to alternate with a sweeter sport like swimming the time that passes .

Rest is also possible and even very important in a training. The body can not keep an intense rhythm indefinitely, it needs to regain strength, just as your body and your brain need to sleep.

Good preparation, adequate nutrition, warm-ups and stretches, not to mention rest and you’re dressed up against body aches. If they appear anyway, a gel pocket and some massages will certainly help you ! So, ready to leave again?

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