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What program to dry his belly?

To lose weight of the belly, it is advisable to have a much healthier diet and to do some exercises of musculation / sheathing.

Indeed, losing belly requires play on both tables that is to limit the caloric intake while burning the maximum amount of fat to turn everything into muscles.

A sport program to quickly find a flat stomach

If eating well is essential to lose weight, play sports is essential if you want to get muscle. In order to redraw the curves of her belly, nothing like cladding exercises.

Exercise 1 : The board

Stand on the ground, as if you were going to make pumps . Your back should line up with your legs and buttocks. Tuck the belly, tighten the buttocks and hold the position 30 sec. Relax for 10 seconds and repeat the exercise twice.

Exercise 2: The vacuum stomach

Stand on your back, on a floor mat. Fold your legs, your feet anchored to the ground. Extend your arms along the body, palms of hands to the ceiling and relax your shoulders.

First step : Inhale deeply by swelling the belly.

Step 2 : Exhale slowly, with your back and lumbar spine on the ground.

Third step : Keep the belly well back as long and as far as possible (as in the case where we try to close pants too tight). To help you, put your hands on your thighs or stomach . Hold for at least 3 minutes and inhale gently.

Step Four : Take a deep breath of the abdomen for one minute. Repeat the exercise at the beginning and repeat 3 times.

In addition to these simple exercises, it is better to start or resume running, which is the sport that burns fat faster . Put on your sneakers 2 to 3 times a week for 30 minutes at least. Finally, for a flat belly, put yourself also to the skipping rope . Start with 5 min sessions then increase the duration as the weeks go by.

A nutrition program for concrete abs

Losing weight requires constant efforts, starting with the removal of certain foods from your meals. White bread, for example, is to be banned . Prefer the wholemeal bread. Forget the prepared dishes and bet on homemade menus.

If you have a habit of having a hearty dinner, you have it all wrong. Breakfast should be the most hearty meal of your day and dinner is light. Of course avoid any form of nibbling between the three main meals of the day.

In short, targeting your weight loss on the stomach requires attention to diet while gaining and strengthening the abdominal belt by the practice of jumping rope or running.

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