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What is the calorie expenditure for 1 hour of karting?

Karting, although considered more like a hobby, is a sport activity in its own right . Driving this kind of vehicle for an hour is like spending a lot of energy and therefore a lot of calories too.

What are the benefits of karting in terms of thinness?

First of all, the main argument is the simple fact that you are having fun. It’s easy and effective! A fun way to lose weight. Then, look like nothing, it is not less than 600 kcal that you will burn in the space of one hour . On a classic kart course, the tour usually takes 15 to 20 minutes.

In other words, you reach your goal very quickly!

How it works ? How much does it cost ?

If you do not know this sport at all, know that you will need to wear proper equipment, including a helmet . Apart from that, the kart, what is it? From the pipe, glued to the ground. A friendly and competitive spirit at a time. Controlled risk taking Thrills constantly. It’s fun, physical and accessible to all ages. For the price, if it is an occasional practice, it will cost you entry to the circuit and the rental of the kart for a predetermined period of time. If you plan a regular practice, your vehicle will cost you between 3000 and 8000 € for a quality model . As for your equipment, count about 350 €.

The many other benefits of karting

On track or in the open air, karting allows you to have fun while having fun. It acts as an effective anti-stress! Fans of thrills are served in terms of speed in particular. More concretely, at the level of your figure, you will quickly see your arms, your shoulders and your back, without forgetting your abs, to strengthen naturally. These parts of the body are particularly solicited during a lap race in kart!

Combine the useful with the pleasant, is not it the dream of any athlete wishing to lose weight and muscle? This is what disciplines such as karting offer. Spend a fun and friendly moment, regularly, alone or with friends, and see the effects on your figure over the weeks!

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