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Top best exercises for buttocks and femoral

The buttocks and the femorals are muscles that, if we don’t have a good genetics, both men and women usually have enough problems to develop them. This may even provide an imbalance between the leg extension and flexion muscles, producing a shortening of the femoral that can lead to low back and twin problems.

Below you have the best exercises for buttocks and femoral , suitable for both men and women.

Romanian deadlift

Heavy and effective, if you want strong buttocks and femoral you should perform this exercise. It is a variant of the deadweight, a kind of hybrid between its conventional version and rigid legs, we must lower the bar, while it is in contact with the bar while we throw our buttocks back and lower Flow Fusion Reviews it to a slightly lower height than the knees .

I like to start the routines with this exercise, since it will keep us well activated and with all the joints of the body well “oiled”.roman deadlift

Hip thrust

For some it may seem a bit odd when it comes to seeing someone do it, and in fact it is so simply because of the type of movement to be done.

We will use a large bar, resting our high back on the edge of a bench, the bar must be resting on our hips, feet together and completely resting on the ground and our hands gripping the bar.

Next we will raise the hip until the torso and thighs are completely parallel to the ground, it is simply an extension of the pelvis. Good exercise to finish a routine, or do it almost at the end.Hip thrust

Buttock kick in machine

It may seem like an exercise created solely for women, but it is not. In fact it is a great exercise for buttocks and femoral, mainly buttocks, I would use it in case I had a glute too late that caused me some type of injury, or if I had to compete, which would be good to use as a pre-exhaustion of exercises bigger”.

The execution is very simple, we will simply place ourselves in the machine, with one leg resting on the floor and the other on the platform, and pushing with a movement similar to that of the triceps kick.buttocks machine

Gironde femoral curl

My favorite variant of the femoral curl, very good to isolate the femoral to the maximum. To do this we will place ourselves in a lying femoral curl machine, but with the difference that we will not support the torso or the thighs, but will keep it elevated, resting on the machine only with the hands and knees. This exercise should be performed slowly and carefully, without pulling.Gironde femoral curl


These are the best exercises for buttocks and femoral that you can find , they are easy to perform, do not tire excessively and their technique is very easy, nothing complicated such as a clean and jerk Flow Fusion or some squats in conditions. Add these exercises to your femoral routine and in a short time you will see the results if you work hard.

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