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Three foods you should eat after training

After-workout food is one of the best recommendations, since this meal will help tissue repair,

A meal after training is one of the best recommendations, since this meal will help tissue repair (tone muscles) and replenish the nutrients that our body has lost during hard training, so it is extremely important that you have a Good food after exercising.

Of course, water and isotonic drinks are a requirement to be able to rehydrate our body, but it is also extremely important to consume foods that help replenish the fluids we have lost, as well as restore Keto Trim 800 our normal blood glucose, mineral and vitamin levels. So that you can achieve it without any problem, then I will leave you three foods that you should eat after training .


Although it is not a food, as I mentioned earlier, the first thing you should do after exercising is drinking water, since it is completely vital to have our body hydrated so that it has a good functioning. It is best to drink half a liter of water up to 2 hours before starting to exercise , as well as drinking water during training. By drinking water after training or body recovers the liquids and minerals it lost during the hard training .

It goes without saying that it is not recommended to drink soft drinks or alcoholic beverages after exercising, since these only dehydrate you more.

Hard or cooked egg

How will you know, the egg is an excellent source of protein, which is necessary when we exercise, as these help strengthen our muscles and have a faster tissue recovery. The University of Michigan Health System has reported that a hard-boiled egg provides approximately 10 to 15 grams of protein rich in amino acids and glutamic acid , which together are very good for muscle building.


Everyone knows that bananas have a large amount of potassium , which is excellent to help a good muscle recovery, in addition to this helps you avoid the annoying cramps that can be caused after an intense exercise session. In the national database of Nutrients of the Department of Agriculture of the United States it is commented that a banana has about 5.88 grams of glucose , which serves to allow the body to recover the reserves of glucose and energy.


Almonds are another food that is extremely effective after exercising, as these provide our body with a series of nutrients it needs and that help regulate cholesterol and our blood pressure. If you didn’t buy almonds by chance the last time you went shopping, don’t worry, an excellent substitute is pistachios.

It is also important that you avoid fat intake after training, since eating foods with a high fat content can cause you to cancel everything you got during your workout. In addition to this increase the feeling of fatigue and heaviness during all that remains of the day.

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