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The health challenges of Happy Fitness for the White Tour

On August 12, we will participate in the Lolë White Tour, a musical gathering of thousands of yogis of all levels who will move together outdoors. Inspired by the “vision of collective and individual well-being” of the White Tour, we wanted to take advantage of the pre-event weeks to challenge each of us. A small gesture easy to integrate into our routine, but that will improve our physical or mental health if we are constant in its application. Does it tell you to join us? Let us give you a glimpse of Brunet’s Active Health Journey! A frankly nice tool that will help us greatly to follow the action to the word in the realization of our small personal challenges!

The concept of Active Health Pathway is simple. We fill out a questionnaire that analyzes our habits according to three pillars of well-being: diet, physical activity and the mind. It only takes a grrrrros 2 minutes, it’s 100% free and we are surprised by the illustrations and texts loaded with humor. When it’s done, the tool gives us a score and offers us a lot of health challenges to choose from. This is very useful when you want to make a change, but you do not know where to start. Then, we progress at our own pace and we are always motivated thanks to our virtual private coach … very true!

Curious to know, what are we heading towards as a pre-Lolë challenge? Let’s see! It’s private, we will not tell you … we’re kidding! We reveal everything in the next lines, because between you and us, there is no secret!

Sophie’s challenge:


I am a real MORDUE of running. Cardio, I’m in business! That said, Active Health has made me a friendly reminder that I sometimes neglect (often) muscle building exercises and flexibility. I actually have the annoying habit of telling myself “should”, without really taking the time to put myself in it.

However, I have already been injured in the ankle and knee in the past, which greatly limited me in my favorite sport in addition to causing me discomfort in everyday life (and great expenses at the physio!). Did I like being hurt? No, of course!


Quite right, the best way to prevent these typical runner injuries is to MAKE my weight training and stretching exercises, CONSTANTLY. This is a powerful motivation to turn the “should that” into “I do it”! So, thanks to this challenge – which by the way will continue even after the Lolë White Tour, I will be able to continue running until the end of my days in comfort and joy!


In order to choose my challenge, I wondered what inspires me in others. I realized that people rarely impress me with their actions, but often with their attitude.

I admire humility in success, positivism in good times and bad times, and the ability not to take / take things too seriously. In my opinion, it is worth more than any feat accomplished in condescension and discontent. In short, my challenge lies beneath the wellness pillar of Active Health Care and is to keep a positive attitude through the process to achieve my goals.


I find it important to realize that we choose ourselves to do certain things or to accomplish certain challenges. For example, Sophie has chosen to take care of her body by stretching each day, no one requires it! But we must remember our motives and the ultimate goal is to improve our lives in one way or another. For Sophie, this is what will allow her to run (her favorite sport that makes her very, very happy) without injury. Logically, it is therefore necessary that the process is pleasant and contributes to improving the daily life too. As Sophie chooses to relax from 5 to 10 minutes a day to improve her quality of life, she has the advantage to do it in a good mood rather than seeing it as a chore and grumble before each session! Otherwise, what’s the point?

For my part, in order to cultivate a positive attitude on a daily basis, I identified two challenges on Brunet’s Active Health Care Pathway. They will help me take the time to appreciate each moment rather than running from one task to another in stress and urgency, as I tend to do (oupsi!). Every day, the reminders of the virtual coach will force me to keep my eyes open for the little joys of everyday life (yes, I love!) And to stop to rest or put things in perspective.


It is always very motivating to set new challenges, but even more exciting to achieve them on a daily basis. As we always say in HappyFitness, health is a repetition (endless) of small gestures. This is exactly what Parcours Santé Active encourages: small, beneficial actions every day.

If you want to know how our challenges unfolded, come see us at the Brunet booth on August 12th during the Lolë White Tour. We will be there to discuss your personal challenges and answer your questions regarding the three spheres of the Active Health Journey!

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