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Is the Nordic diet ideal for losing weight?

Want to change your diet to lose weight? Among the many possibilities, the Nordic diet has something to seduce: rich in good fats , vitamin D and antioxidants , it is the ally of good health.

Among its popular recipes , salmon tartare with berries or even herring salad with apples. But is the Nordic Nature Crave Keto Reviews diet also a good choice for losing weight? Yes, rather. We tell you why.

Line and health: the benefits of the Nordic diet!

With the Nordic diet, no excess: far from marathon diets aimed at removing 4 kilos in a day, this healthy program is entirely based on a balanced diet . By adopting it, you therefore do not risk suffering from the “yo-yo” effect , which makes excessively restrictive regimes fail.

In addition, the Nordic diet is low in carbohydrates, and excludes added sugar. By eating “Nordic”, you will therefore benefit from a very stable blood sugar level and the advantages which result from it: a body which has fewer reserves, fewer inopportune cravings …

The Nordic diet is therefore quite effective in getting back in shape if you have a few extra pounds. It may however be insufficient to eliminate a very significant overweight : in this case, a more aggressive plan of attack will probably be necessary.

How to lose weight thanks to the Nordic diet?

To lose weight thanks to the Nordic diet , you of course adopt the main principles. Tips to achieve this:

– Delete all industrial dishes.

– Remove the sugar from your cupboard.

– Invest in whole grains.

– Stock up on protein: fatty and lean fish, but also game and poultry.

– Keep red fruits on hand (they can be frozen), potatoes and cabbage.

Advantages and limits of Nordic food

Slimming, the Nordic diet is also a source of health benefits : it protects the arteries ( due to its richness in omega-3 ), regulates the transit ( thanks to an important fiber contribution ) and consolidates the bones (thanks to the vitamin D and calcium .)

However, this diet is not perfect. First of all, it can be difficult to export: do not hesitate to adapt its main principles to the reality of your local market. It is all the more interesting since the Nordic diet sins with a fairly limited choice of vegetables.

In addition, the Nordic diet assumes an almost daily consumption of fish . However, a significant number of fish are Nature Crave Keto unfortunately polluted … Learn about the origin of those you buy, and favor small fish, often healthier.

Good for your health and the line, the Nordic diet should allow you to lose weight gently. But take care to diversify your fruits and vegetables and do not abuse big fish.

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