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Is Latin dance effective in losing weight?

Some prefer to lose weight by having fun rather than suffering. So if you are not a fan of running but still want to get back into sport, try the experience of Latin dance (salsa, samba, kuduro, cha-cha-cha or even merengue).

In addition to refining yourself and finding a Keto Trim 800 Reviews fine silhouette , you will take pleasure in improving yourself, from class to class. The opportunity also to meet new people!

Latin dance: a good way to move

To follow the rhythm and perform the dance steps, it is better to be active. Thus, with hip and leg movements, it is possible to burn up to 430 kcal per hour while having fun. All the muscles of the body are stressed. They therefore tone up during the sessions.

The benefits of Latin dance on body and mind

Dance allows you to free yourself and let off steam. Something to feel better in your head at the end of a session, while feeling lighter. We spend ourselves without even thinking about it since the emphasis is on good humor and fun.

In addition, as the effort must be provided over time (45 min to 1 hour), the dance stimulates and promotes the cardiovascular system and respiratory capacity . The blood circulation is also revived and the immune system strengthened.

The 4 Latin dances that make you lose weight the most

Among the Latin dances that burn the most calories are samba , salsa, merengue and cumbia.

Samba is a dance of Brazilian origin that is practiced solo or as a couple. It is a complete dance which solicits each part of the body, which favors the sheathing and the musculation of your body, in particular at the level of the back, the calves or the quadriceps.

Salsa is also a Latin dance that focuses on the loss of kilocalories. Of Cuban origin, she seeks the waist, thighs and abdominal belt. The swaying leads to release and to let go, which not only does good to the body but also to the morale. By building muscle and gaining body, your body will transform and refine: enough to have thin and sharp legs and learn to stand more and more straight.

Merengue comes straight from the Dominican Republic and tones the muscles of the thighs and calves, to make the silhouette more harmonious.

Finally, cumbia is practiced solo, Keto Trim 800 which allows you to burn fat at your own pace.

In short, men and women can start dancing to lose weight. Even starting out, it is possible to have fun and refine.

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