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GMO foods: History, definition and advantages

Transgenic foods are those that have been modified from their DNA, with the aim of making them more resistant to diseases and pests

Transgenic foods are those that have been altered or modified from their DNA, with a single objective: to make them more resistant to diseases and pests, weather conditions, and increase their useful life.

The first transgenic foods arose Super Fast Keto Boost from the 19th century when the British monk, Gregor Mendel developed an experiment by crossing different pea species in order to test his hypothesis, but it was not until 10 years after the possibility of modifying the molecular structure was confirmed . By 1994 (another decade later), the California-based Calegne company put on sale the first GM food called FlavSavr tomato.

From there, other products such as soy, corn, sunflower oil and cottonseed oil began to be marketed in supermarkets in the United States and other specialty stores.

Process of creating transgenic foods

In order to create a transgenic food it is necessary to resort to genetic engineering, which is responsible for determining and isolating the gene (using restriction enzymes) responsible for a specific characteristic.

Once this task is completed, a recipient plant or animal is selected from which it is desired to develop the food. The isolated gene is inserted into the genome of the recipient through a species of bacteria such as Agrobacterium.

To make this possible it is necessary to use a gene gun with which the elementary particles covered with DNA in the form of plasma are introduced, or also by electroporation or virus. Thanks to this, the inserted gene becomes part of the recipient genome, developing in the same way as the rest of its counterparts.

Benefits of GM foods

In the case of plants, they become more resistant to lack of water and diseases, since they have been literally designed to require less environmental resources for proper development.

  • They are also immune to pests, so they require less or no use of pesticides.
  • It is conducive to greater growth of plants and animals, so that their production can multiply exponentially, being much cheaper and more efficient, at least commercially speaking.
  • They have a much longer shelf life after harvest, compared to foods that grow naturally.
  • Changing its molecular structure also changes its appearance, becoming more palatable and somehow healthy. In the case of potatoes, they absorb less oil when frying.
  • Thanks to genetic engineering it is possible to create foods that can be used as vaccines or medicines for the treatment of diseases.

Disadvantages of GM foods

Plants and animals that are modified also have a higher risk of developing diseases or mutations in their genetic code that could be harmful to both the environment and those who consume them.

Transgenic foods and plants develop a dominant feature, so when grown in conjunction with their natural counterparts, they could take advantage of environmental resources to grow further, leading to the extinction of the latter and causing irreversible effects on the environment.

By having an unstable development margin, some specimens may become less resistant to pests or more susceptible to disease.

Transgenic plants

As with food, genetic engineering has also expanded into wild and domestic flora with the same purpose to reduce production costs.

Benefits of transgenic plants

Among its main benefits, we can find:

  • Greater resistance to pests and diseases
  • Ability to produce substances that allow greater development of specimens (vegetables and animals) designed for human consumption.
  • They manage to produce fruits in better conditions (more vivid colors, uniform textures, better concentrated pulp, etc.)
  • They extend the life of the plants for their commercialization, being able to endure more time in warehouses or shelves of the specialized stores.
  • They allow a better distribution of food to more places in the world
  • They have better capacities to survive adverse weather conditions, as well as lack of resources.

Disadvantages of transgenic plants

They can trigger allergies or Super Fast Keto Boost Reviews directly alter the health conditions of human beings who are exposed to frequent contact.

They do not offer total transparency about their origins, so you are never sure of eating an ideal food.

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