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Diet to increase muscle and energy

List of foods to increase your energy and thus be able to increase muscle by performing your gym routine.

Talking about the growth of muscle mass is generally equivalent to immediately thinking about the gym and strength training. On how successful this thought is, we can say that it is a good idea, although only in a certain part. The reason? Strength training is only one factor of the many who are involved so that this process of physical change can take place in the most optimal conditions.

The food, which would be the aspect that matters most when it comes to obtaining results is, unfortunately, the one that is most neglected, and therefore, the reason why many of the less experienced bodybuilders and most fans of Weightlifting does not usually make good progress despite training hard up to five times per week.

Although we have talked about it before, it should be noted that food influences 70% of the process of transformation of the Black Label X Reviews body. You can train giving the best of yourself, but if you do not consume the food that your body requires, you will most likely enter a stalemate that you can never leave until you change your eating habits.

And eye, that food, although it has as a fundamental role (from a bodybuilding perspective), provide energy so that the muscles can grow, if we see it from a much broader point of view, we can deduce that it is through food by which we can get energy to train with greater effort and at the same time to be able to carry out our daily activities throughout the day.

In other words, food is the fuel that puts our engine to work and if we do not take care of things that seem to be irrelevant, we will most likely end up in an unfavorable situation both to gain muscle and for our lifestyle in general.

The importance of the diet not only lies in consuming a lot of protein to gain volume. Fats and carbohydrates also take on a special importance, although of course, that is something we all already know; however, and what many ignore, is that micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) can make the difference between total success or resounding failure.

It is clear that this type of nutrients can be obtained through fruits, vegetables and other animal products. For that reason, we have created this list of 15 foods that will help you optimize your energies so that in the long run, your muscle volume gains are much more favorable.


A study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition & Excercise Metabolism took a group of university students with optimal health. These were given a quercetin-based supplement for 7 days in a row.

At the end of the study it was found that these students experienced a greater oxygen supply, as well as a lower feeling of fatigue during physical performance tests, compared to people who had not received a similar supplementation.

This is where apples come into play that, like other foods such as onions and reds and bran, contain large amounts of quercetin, the substance already mentioned above and which is also known to have anti-inflammatory and activation properties of cellular energy that benefits the health of the body in general, as well as improving resistance during intense physical activities.

Quercetin is available mostly within the peels of apples, so during its consumption it is recommended to eat it whole, because in addition to this, the benefits of fiber, among other nutrients, are also taken advantage of.

Like apples, red onions are also excellent sources of quercetin, since 10% of their total weight corresponds to this substance.


That bananas are found within the group of favorite plant-based foods of the fitness community is not a mere coincidence, much less something that is directly linked to the flavor.

Yes, no one questions how delicious bananas are, however, the real reason why many bodybuilders add this food to their diet is because it is an easily digestible fruit and provides a good dose of fast energy from simple carbohydrates, which makes it an excellent product for before any strength training. However, it is after the routine that bananas release all their properties, because the carbohydrates they contain are responsible for refilling muscle glycogen stores.

In addition, bananas are characterized by providing significant amounts of potassium, an essential mineral for proper muscle work, because it helps prevent contraction, which affects the appearance of cramps and fatigue.

Bananas can be consumed directly or added to the pre-workout shake to enjoy a better flavor. Thanks to their high versatility for cooking, these fruits can be used for almost any recipe, whether for breakfast, snack or dinner.


The eggs shine because today no food has been found that has a higher biological value of proteins; Not even lean meats.

A better biological availability of this macronutrient translates into greater absorption of it, which in turn leads to greater growth of muscle mass.

As if this were not enough, eggs contain large amounts of leucine, an essential amino acid and is essential for protein synthesis to be carried out in the best way.

In addition, egg proteins delay the absorption of sugar that we normally eat in processed foods such as breads, toasts, etc.

Eggs can be consumed in a thousand and one ways, however, whenever possible it is recommended not to keep them at high temperatures for prolonged times, since this can affect the structure of the food, causing the nutrients to disappear from the composition.


Oatmeal is another food that can not be missing in the diet of any bodybuilder, and in fact, should not be necessary in Black Label X the diet of anyone. And of course, if we could easily classify it as a superfood due to the infinite properties it contains and that are excellent for improving the health of the body.

Oatmeal contains complex carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats and fiber in huge proportions.

All this nutrient cocktail translates into, for example, that carbohydrates provide prolonged energy, according to the needs of the body, so it keeps insulin levels at bay. Healthy fats, especially Omega 3 is essential to maintain a cardiovascular system in optimal conditions, as this helps balance bad cholesterol levels. The fiber on the other hand, is ideal to achieve a feeling of satiety for much longer, as well as achieve a state of satisfaction to food much faster. Undoubtedly, oatmeal is the perfect food for a balanced diet, especially when it comes to losing fat.

Because this food helps stabilize energy levels, it is known that, as a result, it is possible to protect muscle glycogen during high intensity physical activities.


Caffeine, although it is not a food as such, it can bring great benefits to the body, which will help us to have a better performance during workouts. In fact, caffeine-based supplements are highly recommended when goals are required to be achieved more quickly, or rather, in an optimized manner.

The reason why caffeine works is because it is a stimulant that puts the nervous system on alert mode, which leads to better physical and cognitive performance. This is because the compound acts as an adenosine inhibitor, which would be a hormone closely related to fatigue and tiredness.

When we consume caffeine, preferably between 30 and 60 minutes before starting a weight training, we will help our body to have a much more noticeable energetic sensation, as sleep is reduced, metabolic stimulation is improved and it helps to eliminate fluids accumulated

Caffeine is good both to gain muscle mass, as well as to lose weight, reasons why supplements based on this product should integrate the catalog of the most dedicated bodybuilders.

Green Tea

Green tea is another food very similar to coffee, as it contains a high number of antioxidants that help us cleanse the body of toxins ingested on a day-to-day basis, which improves body strengthening. At the same time it provides caffeine, although in smaller amounts, so it is excellent for people who are not benefited by the effects of this substance.

Due to its stimulating effect it is used as a method to stimulate the metabolism, which translates into a greater fat burning during workouts.


Clams are exceptional sources of iron and protein of high biological value. In addition, they also contain large amounts of vitamin B12, a micronutrient that is crucial for maintaining healthy nerves and balancing red blood cell levels, as well as restructuring DNA and producing cells related to energy metabolism.

Low levels of vitamin B12 can trigger a feeling of constant fatigue, as well as a decrease in brain functions, according to studies conducted at the University of Oxford, so if we have a deficit of this vitamin, we can opt for consumption of clams to get that necessary contribution.

In addition, alemajas also provide tyrosine, an amino acid involved in the production of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that lies in the brain on alert and reduces the effects of stress.


Cabbage is a food rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that has a lot of involvement in carnitine synthesis; A substance that stimulates fat loss by transporting fatty acids through mitochondria, which is where energy is produced. Said in simpler words, carnitine helps the body use fat stores as the main source of energy.

A study conducted by the California State University found that people suffering from a vitamin C deficit burned up to 25% less fat, while perceiving a much faster fatigue state while exercising on the treadmill of running, compared to people who had stable vitamin C levels.

In addition to cabbage, we can find this nutrient in foods such as kiwi and citrus fruits, among other foods.


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Chia is another product called as a superfood of nature that, although its use extends for several centuries, mainly in Mayan and Aztec territories, it was not until a few years ago that we began to realize the incredible properties it brings, so its consumption worldwide shot up surprisingly.

Chia is a food very similar to oatmeal, as it contains complex carbohydrates, essential omega 3 fatty acids, protein in high amounts, fiber and a significant number of nutrients that are ideal for optimizing energy levels in the body.

Currently we can get chia in almost any supermarket and its versatility is such that we can use it in a wide variety of recipes ranging from breakfast, smoothies and desserts, to much more complex elaborations to enjoy a good nutrient-rich lunch.


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Quinoa is another food that cannot be needed in an energy diet. Its importance is due to its high nutrient content, of which we can highlight healthy fats, as well as the number of proteins per 100 grams. In addition, it contains fiber, which helps us maintain a healthy digestive system and therefore, improve the metabolic rate ratio.

Among the vitamins and minerals available in quinoa we can highlight its potassium content (926.7 mg per 100 grams) and magnesium, two essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the muscles. In addition, it also provides zinc, a precursor to testosterone that, as we know, is a hormone with anabolic properties that will help us have more visible results, the higher the levels of this.


Nuts provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals, as well as other nutrients, among which we can highlight their high content of healthy fats.

This type of fat helps to slow down digestion, which allows our brain and muscle mass to have a greater flow of energy throughout the day, directly benefiting our mental and physical performance. In addition, they are also essential to eliminate bad cholesterol from the blood (LDL), affecting better health of the cardiovascular system.

A highlight of the nuts and that we must take into account, is its high calorie content due to the fats they provide. Because of this, it is recommended to limit your intake, especially when you are in the definition stage.

Fish oil

Fish oil is another food that provides large amounts of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and that due to its origin, can be presented as a viable alternative for people suffering from allergies to foods such as nuts.

This substance can be found in foods such as salmon, however, it is also available through capsules, designed for people who require a supplement based on healthy fats.


Milk provides fast energy, proteins of high biological value and endless nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Its importance is such, as we can imagine, the whey protein that almost all of us consume daily is made from whey. Although almost 70% of the population is lactose intolerant, we have the advantage that there are lactose products that eliminate this disadvantage but without sacrificing any of the benefits that ordinary milk brings us.


Lentils have large amounts of fiber that in addition to the benefits already mentioned above, also helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol and prevent constipation.

They act as excellent sources of iron and manganese, since a single serving can provide 37 and 49% of the recommended daily doses, respectively. In addition to this we also find among its composition other nutrients such as potassium and zinc, as well as vitamins A, B, C and E.

Lean meats

Lean meats can not be needed in the diet of a bodybuilder (unless of course, there is a preference towards a vegan lifestyle), because in addition to protein, they also provide riboflavin and thiamine, two compounds that are part of the B complex and that the body uses to convert food into energy.

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