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Examples of meals that will help you easily lose six or more kilos per month, and with this end the addiction to sugar in a long term period.

Perhaps the title may be somewhat sensational and quite scary, but the truth is that unlike the well-known miracle diet that promises to eliminate large amounts of weight in a short time, this diet based on multiple studies by important figures in the world of health and that Karen Thomson has included in her popular book Sugar Free that can be purchased from her site The Free Sugar Revolution.

Before we begin to see what this diet consists of, let’s clarify why it is so effective and healthy, as well as the way in which it differs from the traditional miracle diets that have caused so much damage to health and that unfortunately, they are also the culprits that obesity remains a fairly difficult problem to deal with due to the skepticism they have imposed on people in their ability to eliminate those extra pounds.

To do this, one must first emphasize the definition of two very important concepts that are often used and that despite differing widely, are still taken as if they were the same. Losing weight (the first concept) and burning fat (second concept), are related but under no circumstances should they be considered as a common goal when it comes to improving health.

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard in the infomercials of the dawn phrases of the type ” lose 8 kilos in a month ” … but eight kilos of what ?, of muscle ?, of fat ?, by the elimination of liquids ? This is what weight loss refers to and it is precisely the trick that miracle diets use to capture unsuspecting people who desperately seek a solution to their obesity problem.

In general, these types of regimens are usually “effective” because in them the burning of fats is not a priority, but rather the thinning through the degradation of muscle mass, as well as the elimination of retained fluids in a manner that the numbers shown on the scale are lower at the end of the plan, making people believe that they have lost several kilos of accumulated adipose tissue, when the reality is different and it turns out to be creepy. And is that muscle catabolism, that is, the loss of muscle density can lead to severe Bionatrol Keto Burn problems such as a slower metabolism, as well as greater fragility of the body and a weaker immune system.

But that’s not all, because having a fairly limited amount of calories in these plans, the body stops receiving nutrients and fats that ironically are necessary for the elimination of them (through a complex process that involves the production of a hormone called leptin) and the creation of cells of vital importance for the organism. And of course, that is just the tip of the iceberg, because miracle diets are also capable of causing many more collateral problems that are hard to imagine.

Sugar consumption: The main villain in the film starring an obese and unhealthy world

Fat consumption is also highly related to the alarming problems of obesity that are currently registered worldwide, however, we must make a small but important clarification that there are two types of fat: good and bad. And surprise, surprise !, the presence of bad fats is the one that predominates the diet of the inhabitants of countries with greater index of obesity as they are Mexico and the United States.

Bad fats, that is to say hydrogenated vegetable fats from common oils in addition to the high caloric value that their intake represents, are also not recommended because they have been related to the occurrence of coronary diseases because they usually accumulate in the arterial walls , causing blockage of blood flow and preventing blood from effectively reaching the heart.

But the main problem is not the intake of this type of fat, but another agent that is included among the most popular foods such as soft drinks, breads, cookies or cakes and what we know as sugar. To know the way in which sugar acts negatively in the body, we must understand the importance of carbohydrates and what their role is.

Carbohydrates are an indispensable part of any person’s diet because the body uses them as the main source of energy when performing any type of activity. The important thing here is to know that like fats, carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex carbohydrates. The latter are the most beneficial for the body as they provide energy in a prolonged and slow way to perform properly in tasks throughout the day. Simple carbohydrates provide fast energy that is often not even used, giving way to fat accumulation.

As expected, this type of hydrate is the most common in Western diets and among them is the sugar that gives way to the formation of glucose that, if not used immediately, is transformed into fat.

And that is precisely what this diet is based on: completely eliminating sugar consumption in order to burn fat effectively and achieve better health without making considerable sacrifices such as constantly starving or stop nourishing the body.

Eliminate sugar consumption in 8 weeks and lose fat

In order to make this change very important, you first have to analyze the situation and open yourself to honesty without uncertainty. Sugar is not the problem, if not ourselves that we abuse its consumption and that although we know the damages that this causes us, we simply cannot stop consuming it, putting in the middle, even absurd pretexts like the suffocating heat for take a bottle of soda, or when it is cold, take the opportunity to have a good cup of hot chocolate and coffee with so many spoonfuls of sugar that even fears to think about it.

As already indicated at the beginning of this section, Thomson proposes to stop living in a world of deception and recognize the problem that can be classified as a true addiction.

Worrying is not the same as taking care and therefore, saying “I am going to do it” is not the same as starting to do it. We have already seen that the first step is to accept that we have a problem, and then there is another important step: set a realistic goal and with specific dates to start as soon as possible.

Returning to the first part of this “adventure”, how can one know if he is addicted to sugar consumption? To do this, Thomson has proposed to ask us these five questions: do you stop eating when you are satiated or do you still force yourself to make room for dessert? Are you still hungry even though your stomach is full? Do you often open a package of cookies with the mentality of eating only a couple, but in the end you end up eating all? Do you eat foods with a lot of sugar to celebrate? Do you eat foods with a lot of sugar to forget a bad day? Do you try to look up to the slightest pretext to make you believe you need that little snack? Have you ever felt dizzy or confused after a binge?

Responding positively to most of these questions can now be considered an alarm signal, so it is time to make timely changes.

The quality over the quantity

As I was advancing in previous lines, we can conclude that for this diet the amount of food to be consumed is not taken into account, but rather, the quality of them. But of course, this does not mean that the recommended caloric limit is exceeded without worry, but that obsessing with calories is not the best strategy to use.

This premise is based on the statements of Dr. Gary Taubes who mentions that the people with the best quality of life of the 19th century were mainly carnivorous, a totally different form of food than the current one that is based on the consumption of vegetables. On the other hand, it also states that the main cause of childhood obesity is due to excessive intake of soft drinks, juices, smoothies and all kinds of drinks that have a high concentration of sugar, providing only empty calories.

Phases of the eight week diet

The weight loss phase

Ironically, despite the great differences between the concepts of losing weight and burning fat, the first phase of this diet is known as the “weight loss phase” in which it is strongly suggested to limit carbohydrate intake to 50 grams per day, giving higher priority to healthy fats and proteins.

After the third week, when you begin to notice the lost kilos, carbohydrate intake should increase (between 100 and 120 grams per day) enough to be able to supply the energy that the body needs for its daily activities, Although in this case, it is important to have a greater focus on compound carbohydrates to avoid the formation of glucose and therefore insulin. This would be the second phase known as the “health phase” in which it is already recommended to start exercising more frequently, either by cardio or weight lifting at least three times a week.

The radical phase

In this phase we must pay even more attention to the distribution of macronutrients, so that the calories consumed have a higher nutritional value for the objective being sought. In this case, the removal of adipose tissue.

In each plane of the three main meals of the day, there should be 25% of the total portions, belonging to animal proteins such as beef, poultry, fish. Another 25% must correspond to fats, so it is recommended to consume the skin of certain animals such as fish, as well as implement others from vegetables such as Olive Oil, nuts, avocados, etc. The remaining 50% should be made up of fruits and vegetables on demand, giving greater preference to seasonal and choosing to provide a wide variety to improve the consumption of vitamins and minerals.

There is no problem with cravings, however, for this it is recommended to control calories more sensibly and not make more than two daily snacks. The key to avoiding fat accumulation is to dispense with foods with large amounts of starch and starch such as pasta, rice, breads made with refined flours and potatoes.

The consumption of specific foods

Despite what many believe, the consumption of eggs is not related to the increase in blood cholesterol levels. Its intake is important, especially in the first weeks of the diet, due to the low presence of carbohydrates in the body. It is feasible to eat up to three pieces a day, trying not to use large amounts of oil when cooking.

On the other hand, and as already mentioned above, bottled soft drinks are completely crossed out. In substitution you can make use of green tea or black tea, as well as coffee, although obviously, sweetening with other compounds such as stevia, xylitol (which is recommended mainly in people suffering from diabetes) or honey. It is important to rule out the application of artificial sweeteners such as Canderel or Splenda that cause the same effects as sugar despite not being sugar. They also have a high negative impact on the metabolic rate.

So that it may be possible to supply the body with the necessary energy throughout the day, the consumption of sugar will Bionatrol Keto Burn Reviews be replaced by fruits, giving higher priority to the fruits of the forest (such as blueberries, strawberries, raisins, etc.) with an approximate intake of 80 grams per day. Blueberries are excellent for this diet because they contain large amounts of antioxidants that help eliminate bad substances in the body, which directly contributes to better performance when it comes to burning fat, as well as significantly improving the state of health of the immune system.

5-day diet example

An example of this type of diet to start in the crusade to decrease or already directly eliminate sugar, is as follows.

Day 1

  • Breakfast : large bowl of berries with three tablespoons of whole milk or Greek yogurt (without sugar), with a little grated coconut and a handful of nuts.
  • Food : spinach salad with Greek cheese, cucumber, pepper, olive oil and vinegar. It seems too light, but you can cook the cheese on the grill or fried. Fats are not the enemy.
  • Dinner : zucchini ratatouille with mushrooms, tomatoes, shrimp and capers. To flavor you can add onion, garlic, mustard

Day 2

  • Breakfast : English type, with eggs, bacon, sausage … (without toast, remember)
  • Food : smoked salmon with cream cheese and cucumber slices
  • Dinner : coriander chicken with sour cream.

Day 3

  • Breakfast : a substitute for pastries, such as protein pancakes (replacing the flour with a protein shake from those taken by bodybuilders), with fruit (strawberries …) and as always without being overwhelmed by fat.
  • Food : Indian chicken tikka style with whole milk yogurt and cucumber rolled in iceberg lettuce leaves.
  • Dinner : Camembert cheese with beaten egg, dried coconut, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, berries to your liking and balsamic vinegar.

Day 4

  • Breakfast : assortment of egg, salmon and avocado.
  • Food : Greek salad with feta cheese.
  • Dinner : ‘Stroganoff’ pork.

Day 5

  • Breakfast : muesli without cereal, with yogurt and red fruits.
  • Food: tuna salad with beans (legume) and anchovies.
  • Dinner : steak with mushroom cream and green beans cooked with butter.

In conclusion

Remember that this diet is not based on the premise of stop eating to lose weight, but rather to change to a healthier lifestyle, eliminating the consumption of sugar so that you begin to reduce body fat safely.

Carbohydrates themselves are not bad as long as those consumed are quality and conscientious. That is why it is very important to opt for complex carbohydrates that we can find in foods such as carrots, beets, sweet corn, peas, legumes or whole grains such as wheat, rye, oats, etc.

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