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Six rules to become a true magnet to woman – learn to conquer all your contenders and appointments irresistible by mastering some small secrets.

Catherine Hakim, Doctor of Philosophy, wrote a book entitled “Erotic Capital”; this is how she describes the attractive power of this kind of man. She explains that it is a mixture of vivacity, sex appeal, physical beauty, musculature, charm, style and, of course, sexual competence. Just that. But do not panic, the erotic capital can be acquired. “It’s a way of behaving and presenting oneself,” says Susan RoAne, author of many books on the subject.

  1. The dynamism

Whether you take the microphone in the evening karaoke or you have a reserve of jokes inexhaustible, the enthusiasm is contagious, says Brandy Engler, doctor of psychology. “We notice that the joy of living of an individual is reflected on his entourage. ”

SHINE THROUGH YOUR SPIRIT – Funny men find it easier: In a study conducted by the journal Intelligence, statistics report that men with a strong sense of humor have more casual sex. Comedian Steve Lemme suggests “reminders”, a humorous reference to a topic already mentioned: Zylophin Rx “I’m going to Bermuda this summer – it’s not as good as [name his hometown]. This will show that you have listened to it.

SPEND YOUR APPOINTMENTS – Invite her to participate in an activity that you are passionate about, even if it’s a football match. “Do something that gives you life,” says Brandy Engler. Explain the rules, interest her in the game, make her feel the fervor of the fans. That’s it, passion.

  1. The physical beauty

Obviously, genes play a major role here: facial symmetry, virility and skin color all contribute to erotic capital, Catherine Hakim tells us. In a 2014 study, it appears that a woman will prefer a man with a large jaw for a relationship without a future, probably because it gives off a dominant image. You do not have the right genes? No problem, try the following.

VIRILIZE YOUR JAW – Beard is the makeup of the man: it covers the hollow cheeks and naturally thickens your jaw. A morning beard will highlight a nice chin while a six-day beard will correct a symmetry and add material to a chin too discreet. Remember to cut your favorites. The hairs on the chin and cheeks should be slightly longer.

SOFTEN YOUR SKIN – A crocodile skin would be fatal to your look. In winter, use

a dry skin cleanser and put a day cream on your face before putting your head out.

  1. Sexual attraction

No Instagram filter will be able to help you. Sexual attraction certainly comes from your physical form, but also from the way you speak and move.

GET A LITTLE – First step, start by doing the exercises of the magazine. While waiting for the muscle results, cut a V-shaped torso – which almost every man dreams about – by following the advice of stylist Sarah Lee: put on a light T-shirt with a wide stripe at the torso and shoulders, this will emphasize the look. A tighter t-shirt at the torso will accentuate the illusion of the V.

ENHANCE SPACE – An English study has found that a woman will find a man with a dominant posture more attractive: a male who sits with a certain nonchalance with arms and legs open rather than arms crossed and legs tight . “When you take possession of your space, you breathe the confidence in yourself,” says Susan RoAne.

  1. The conversation

The brilliant speakers force admiration. Indeed, the ability to captivate and delight the audience can earn you the trust of a woman.

STAY RIGHT – A large size confers a natural charisma. If so, you can always follow these tips: keep your shoulders back, open your arms, look people in the eyes when you talk to them. Did you notice a woman in particular? Take a look at him and smile at him. You will create intimacy even before the first approach. Start by asking her name and call her later.

TARGET YOUR FLIRTS – The reason for flirtation is important: men who just want to collect conquests are less attractive to women than those who show more subtlety. Make her feel special. Keep your best rides for the time of the appointment.

  1. The presentation

The haircut confers a social status and style.

THE WICK ON THE SIDE – A 2013 crown poll – at 60% – the classic cut wicks on the side, best style of all time. Two years later, nothing has changed. Opt for a slight gradient, which will give a worked effect but will keep your natural movement. And for the top, stay short, with a good gradient on the sides to compensate for a lack of material.

CHANGE COSTUME – Men who wear tailored suits make a better impression. But rest assured, ready-to-wear may also seem to have been cut just for you. Make sure shoulder pads do not protrude. The jacket should be halfway up your buttocks and you should be able to sit comfortably. A seamstress may eventually take the lengths or bend your jacket.

  1. Sexual skills

Your sexual urges will not be enough to put a girl in your bed. What’s more complicated than libido is the imagination, the creativity in the game, in bed and even before you get there.

USE OF YOUR STRENGTH – Yes, it works. Your physical strength may be a trigger in the woman. It is an exaggerated expression of virility, which gives it the sensation of being soft and fragile. Put this force forward in some kind of preliminary game: grab her to play or wedge against a wall to kiss her.

ADAPT YOUR ENCOUNTERS – For casual relationships, follow the script: introductory kiss, foreplay, action and after. But you must also know how to decode your mood. If she had a bad day, try the sensual way. After a dance party, the domination shot should do the rest.

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