November 14, 2008 Reading List

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Bruce Fein on Redistribution

Libertarian Anarchism (long but well worth the read)

How Many Zeros in a Billion?


  • Someone’s math is off, if you Google one billion seconds, you will get 31.6 years. Subtract 31.6 years from 2008 and you get 1977, not 1959. Same with one billion minutes, you will get 1,901.6 years. Subtract that from 2008 and you get 106, Jesus was crucified in 33-35 AD.

    The main part of the story is the GOVERNMENT, we need some form of government. Granted, I do believe the framers of the Constitution didn’t think people would be staying in office for 60+ years. I liked Jesse Venture’s thought of politicians, serve and then put your services to use in your home community–what a concept.

    It is not government that has caused the problem, it is the GREED that high politicians or CEOs want for this country. Take a look at the the recent layoffs, laying off thousands while exec’s bask in money.

    You mentioned the United States had the biggest middle class and was very prosperous, true–but in 1908 we didn’t have the greed we do now. Take the greed away from the government and high paid CEOs and the United States will return to the prosperous ways.

    Oh, by the way, I agree–stop the tax and fees (another word for tax) on many things in the list.

    The Older Brother of The Fugal Libertarian

    Comment by Jerry — November 14, 2008
  • I didn’t check the math so I will take your word for it.

    “We need some form of government” I would say that was debatable. I guess you did not read everything on the reading list.

    I agree that our problems are because of greedy politicians, but since they are who runs our government, I would say that it is definitely the governments fault. Those who are already rich will always be able to have the government “regulate” in their favor. If you severely limit the power of the government you have severely limited the power of the already rich.

    As far as CEOs go, greed is not necessary a bad thing. They have a responsibility to their shareholders to make money and lots of it. Would you deem their salary contract with their corporation null and void? What moral authority do you have to do so? What if I thought you made too much for what you do? Can I declare your contract void? These CEOs had contracts, they should be paid what they were guaranteed. If you have a problem with it then buy stock in that corporation and vote your proxy.

    Layoffs are inevitable if no one is buying the product that those workers are providing. Would you take the salary from the CEO and have the workers get paid to do nothing or pay them to continue to provide a product that no one is buying?

    “We didn’t have the greed we do now” Really, can you quantitate that for me? Greed has always existed. (you can find it in the Bible) In 1908, before the Federal Reserve, and before our leviathan government, the greedy had less power.

    We will return to our prosperous ways when we reign in the power of the government. We can start with the Federal Reserve.

    Comment by Frugal Libertarian — November 14, 2008
  • Gents,

    Human nature has not and will not change. Our problems are systemic. The system of governing is flawed.

    Just our luck that the government-political model of a free society provides a great solution to many of the woes our civilization now confronts.

    Time to get back to basics and open a national debate on the nature and purpose of government.

    Comment by Rob Viglione — November 15, 2008

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