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7 foods you should avoid if you want to lose fat

Learn to eliminate fats effectively, making changes in your eating habits. These are the 7 products that you should avoid at all costs due to its high content of saturated fats, sugars and calories.

Losing weight is undoubtedly a fairly complex process that involves a series of factors that, even if they only play a small role in the game, can make the difference between a successful transformation process and one that is not.

Today, we live in a time when it is easy to have access to food. Clearly, for us as a society, we can see it as a beneficial Ultra Keto Boost Reviews factor, since it allows us to have a much more comfortable life, in which hunger has gone to the background.

Unfortunately, this benefit has also become a double-edged sword, and it is that commonly, societies that enjoy this privilege are also surrounded by the shadows of another problem that is equal or even more serious than hunger; that is, overweight and obesity. Both conditions are alarming for all health organizations, and not only because a person with a few extra pounds looks less aesthetic, but because in the long run, they can cause the development of various diseases related to the cardiac, respiratory and circulatory system.

In addition, in order for food to be distributed at current levels it is necessary to sacrifice some aspects in order to maximize production and thus reduce costs. The food that is most abundant in supermarket chains cannot even be called food, since most of them are made up of large amounts of carbohydrates in the form of sugar and saturated fats that do not bring any health benefit.

These products, containing many calories, also encourage overweight, so today we are going to mention 7 of them that you should avoid at all costs so that fat loss is effective during the weight loss process.

  1. Table sugar

During the last years the consumption of sugary drinks has been increasing surprisingly. This has led to that as a society, we are acquiring the custom that all our drinks (with the exception of water) must be accompanied with table sugar to be able to enjoy them.

Undeniably, the consumption of this product is totally unnecessary since, in reality, it does not provide any nutrient to the body, except for simple carbohydrates in the form of glucose that cause insulin spikes from one moment to another.

Sugar has become part of our daily life because it is a product that creates addiction by allowing the release of serotonin in large quantities.

  1. Breaded

Breaded foods, although they do not bring sugar, they are loaded with fats, especially in countries of America where it is customary to fry food in common vegetable oils due to the high prices of other healthier oils such as avocado and olive oils .

In addition to providing many saturated fats, they also come loaded with calories from them, so even a small breaded steak can contribute up to about 1000 calories, compared to a piece of grilled chicken breast that does not exceed 200 calories per 100 grams.

  1. Commercial ice cream and yogurts

These types of products are the most dangerous that we can find in the market, and in addition to being very tempting they are also highly harmful to health, not only because of the artificial colors and flavors that are added to them, but also because of the sugar which is added immeasurably to give a greater flavor.

Unlike what most people believe, having a yogurt breakfast, no matter how natural the label indicates, is not the best option to start the day, even more when you are in a process of weight loss. And although they do not contain many calories, we must bear in mind that most of them come from added sugars, but not from lactose. Not to mention that commercial yogurts and ice creams are far from what they really would be if they are made by hand.

  1. Processed meats and sausages

In recent years, WHO has declared that these types of foods are associated with the onset of cancer, urging the population to stop using them completely or failing that, as little as possible.

And it is that the meat that comes from animals raised on industrial farms is characterized by leading a deplorable life not only for the conditions in which they are physically treated, but also for the way in which they receive food, being that, in general, these obtain their nutrients through other processed products that include compounds added as hormones and antibiotics to accelerate their growth and make them more resistant to disease. In the end, such wastes are also ingested by the final consumer, causing diseases and metabolic alterations that can lead to a greater accumulation of fatty tissue.

Sausages also follow the same process, but in addition they are also added with ridiculous amounts of salt to enhance their flavor and be preserved for longer. Excessive sodium intake, as we know, is related to fluid retention, which leads to eventual weight gain.

  1. Box cereals and fruit bars

Box cereals and fruit bars share many of the same characteristics with commercial yogurts and ice cream. This is due to the fact that in general, the cereals that we normally eat for breakfast are made from refined flours, in addition to that they usually add a lot of sugar. Among other dangers of this type of products is that they can also contain palm oil or trans fat.

Coming from ultraprocessed cereals, the nutritional contribution they have is too low, so they do not include vitamins, minerals or much less protein, which makes them products that simply do not satisfy and therefore do not justify their consumption.

The good news is that they can be easily replaced by whole grains and cereals such as chia, oatmeal, quinoa, bran, etc.

  1. Frozen meals

Unfortunately, for many people it is impossible to get some time to prepare a balanced meal, since in the end they are forced to buy already frozen foods that are very common in supermarkets, such as lasagna, pizza, Milanese, etc.

These products, although they may seem like complete meals, since sometimes they are accompanied by a Ultra Keto Boost portion of vegetables, the truth is that they are quite harmful to health, because they contain sodium and excess saturated fats, as well as ultraprocessed meats.

  1. Honey and syrups

Honey and syrups have become an almost essential part of today’s tables, thanks to the fact that they work as excellent companions for dishes such as hot cakes. However, despite the fact that on the label, the products claim to come from natural sources such as honey, corn, etc., the truth is that their concentration from them is usually very low, since they are actually made of oil. of palm and a lot of sugar.

However, we must point out that honey is not always harmful, at least not, if it is consumed naturally, that is, without processed substances added or made by synthetic processes. However, honey is still a sugar, so if you want to consume it, it will be necessary to moderate.

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